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    Architecture Firm
    Rchitectural outsourcing support solutions that cater to architects, interior designers, architectural firms from the world over providing design support solutions, architectural 3D modeling, architectural walkthroughs and architectural CAD services

    Jean-Paul VIGUIER SA Agence d'architecture Paris - France.

    The Ware Macgregor Partnership Engaging in commercial, industrial, educational, and housing projects.

    U-IL Architects & Engineers Multidisciplinary firm.

    Venkataramanan Associates Architecture, engineering and urbanism.

    Wickham van Eyck Architects Specializing in housing, restaurants, offices, and health care centers.

    William R. Dewson Architect Engaged in residential, commercial, and institutional design.

    Wonil Ltd. Architects and Engineers. An architechtural and engineering planning firm.

    Woodhead International Architecture and interior design, urban design and planning, facilities management and graphic design.

    Wynand Wilsenach Architects Cape Town-based architects designing homes and buildings within South Africa, as well as for clients in France, Ireland, and Switzerland.

    Zoelly Ruegger Holenstein Architekten AG Projects for research and development, manufacturing, schools, commercial and office, shopping, and entertainment. In English and German.

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