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    Additives, Grouts, and Treatments

    Directory Listings

    Advanced Cement Technologies Industrial minerals company which specializes in concrete additives.

    AJ Voton Specializes in the production and installation of lightweight cellular concrete, known as foam concrete, for engineered fill construction or as backfill grout.

    Anti-Hydro International, Inc. Manufactures admixtures, floor hardening products, sealers, grouts, sealants, and specialty treatments for concrete and masonry.

    Atlas Construction Supply Design, fabrication, and supply of concrete forming and shoring systems, accessories, and tilt-up and restoration products. Also offers chemicals and powders.

    Avanti International Supplier of chemical grout.

    BVS Concrete Specialties Manufacturer of concrete specialty products including non-shrink grouts, bonding agents, cures and sealers as well as other restoration and application products

    Celotex Corporation Manufacturer of FLEXCELL expansion joint fillers, an effective cushion with excellent compressive and recovery capabilities.

    CETCO - Concrete Accessories Offers expanding strip concrete joint waterstops made of bentonite and hydrophyllic rubber.

    Choksey Chemicals Supplies sealants, repellents, tile adhesives, concrete admixtures, hardeners, grouts, floor, and waterproof coatings.

    ColorFast Industries Offers seam filler caulks and Teflon grout colorants and cleaners.

    Concredamp A concrete additive that reduces, shock, vibration and permeability in concrete.

    Concrete Chemicals Manufactures Liquiblack concrete colorant.

    Concrete Lining Products Pty. Ltd. Manufactures cementitious products including grouts, shotcrete, and dry mix cement.

    Concrete Palette Color Chart Online concrete color chart. Choose from 17,000 colors and view them in virtual concrete projects. By Davis Colors.

    Davis Colors, Inc. Producer of color pigments used in concrete building products. Site offers downloadable literature, specifications, color charts, how-to information, and more.

    Durafiber Offers a polypropylene fiber product that mixes with concrete to create multi-directional secondary reinforcement.

    Edison Coatings Manufactures masonry restoration products and commercial and industrial floor products.

    Elite Crete Manufactures products and holds training for concrete resurfacing, commercial and industrial flooring, and concrete restoration.

    Epirez Manufactures products for use with concrete including grouting, flooring and concrete repair systems for use in construction & mining.

    Euclid Chemical Company Manufacturer of admixtures, concrete repair products, curing and sealing compounds, grouts, sealants, and coatings.

    FTB Restoration Produces Litho Arts mineral mortars used in stone restoration. Also in Nederlands and French.

    GenLime A leading manufacturer of specialty dolomitic lime products.

    Geofill Sells rapid-setting, self-leveling and compacting, pumping material.

    George L. Throop Company Specializes in concrete mix designs and grouts.

    Grout Magic Formula 2000 Supplier of and contractor for services of Grout Magic 2000, products that clean, stain, and seal grout for home and commercial use.

    Holnam, Inc. Holnam is the largest manufacturer of cement in the US.

    International Renolith Corporation Limited Waterproof, neutral, and non-toxic polymer cement additive for road and foundation construction.

    ITW Ramset/Red Head Offers anchoring systems for attachments to concrete and steel in heavy structural applications such as the attachment of columns and beams and adhesive anchors suited for restoration and brick pinning.

    Kaiser Building Products Offers a grout colorant utilizing a gel pigment carrier to achieve uniform color matching in a waterless grout, dryset mortar and mastic for use in tile, stonework and other masonry applications.

    Kema d.d. Manufactures mortars, adhesives, admixtures, and other masonry, concrete, and tilesetting products.

    King Industrial Products Producer of dry mix cementitious products in Paris and Sudbury, Ontario and Blainville, Quebec.

    Kothari Corrosion Controllers Manufacture acid proof cement-mortars . India.

    Kraft Energy An international company specializing in accelerated curing systems using vapor generators or radiant heat for precast concrete products.

    L & M Construction Chemicals, Inc. Manufactures cement products, including sealant, water repellent, grout, industrial cleaners, curing compounds.

    Masonite Corporation Manufactures fiber expansion joint fillers suitable for use in a wide variety of concrete construction projects including highways, streets, airport runways, sidewalks, curbs, driveways, patios and other applications.

    Mike Wye and Associates Traditional and ecological building materials supplied, lime mortars, plasters, limewash, pozzolans, practical training courses, guide sheets colour charts and a photo gallery of renovations.

    Mortar Industry Association Independent advice and technical expertise to specifiers and users of factory produced mortar.

    Multicoat Corporation Supplier of coatings for pool and spa renovation, concrete resurfacing and repair, stucco systems, drywall texture, and waterproofing.

    Nawkaw Corporation Manufactures masonry coloring and finishing products.

    Norchem Concrete Products, Inc. Manufacturer of silica fume mineral admixtures for concrete, mortars, grouts, and cement.

    Nox-Crete Products Group Providing chemical solutions to the concrete industry including form release agents, tilt-up bondbreakers, curing compounds, floor sealers, joint fillers, and more.

    PAGEL-USA Inc. Offering non-shrinking grouts, specialty concretes, industrial floors, and resins.

    Peninsula Products, Inc. Offers Easy Spred, a plasticizer for mortar, grout,stucco, and plaster. Also used as a pumping aid for concrete.

    Pozzolanic International Recycles fly ash for use in concrete mixes.

    Prime-A-Pac Provides priming aids, additives, cleaners, and removers for the concrete and grout pumping industries.

    QC Construction Products Manufactures colors and associated products for concrete.

    Sinak Corporation Manufacturer of products designed to protect, preserve, and waterproof concrete and masonry. Specializing in vapor emission control, below-grade waterproofing, and resurfacing.

    Specco Industries Inc Manufacturer of accelerators, admixtures, bonders, cleaners, coatings, epoxies, form releases, grouts, patching, sealers, surface treatments, and water repellents.

    Symons Corporation Produces curing compounds from spray application on newly placed concrete surfaces which retain moisture in concrete for maximum hydration and compressive strength.

    Turbosol Mortar and plaster mixing and sprayng. Italy.

    V-Seal Presents concrete coatings and sealants.

    Vinylex Corporation Develops base seals and waterstops for use in construction or expansion joints.

    W.R. Meadows, Inc. Offers a broad line of expansion joint and control joint fillers.

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