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    Insulated Concrete Forms

    Directory Listings

    Redibase Produces recycled plastic bases used as a footing for the construction of tube formed concrete columns. Includes instructions and technical specifications.

    Wall-Ties and Forms Inc. Manufacturer of aluminum forming systems and accessories for precast and poured-in-place concrete applications.

    A.H. Harris & Sons, Inc. Suppliers of concrete repair and restoration, forming, geosynthetics, and thermal/moisture protection products for the commercial,industrial, residential, and heavy construction industries.

    Advance Concrete Forms Manufactures forms for residential construction.

    Alabama Metal Industries Corporation A stay-in-place concrete form manufactured from hotdipped galvanized sheet steel. Includes an application detail manual in pdf format.

    Alpi Ag Spa. Manufacturers of concrete forming and shoring systems.

    Aluma Systems Manufactures and rents concrete forming, shoring, and scaffolding equipment.

    Arbariya Steels Manufactures scaffolding and formwork for the construction industry.

    Art Forms Inc. Produces custom concrete forms that use color and texture to create artistic designs. Also offers precast concrete that is finished, coated and ready for installation.

    Atlas Construction Supply Design, fabrication, and supply of concrete forming and shoring systems, accessories, and tilt-up and restoration products. Also offers chemicals and powders.

    Bonnybrook Custom Steel Forms Ltd. Custom steel form designer and fabricator for precast/prestressed concrete.

    Chamforcor CFC Supplies reusable concrete form inserts used to produce 3-way outside chamfered corners.

    Conarts Moulds Ltd. Concrete ornamental mould manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

    Concrete Site offers a directory of architects, builders and contractors, as well as information about insulating concrete forms.

    Dayton Superior Corporation Manufacturer and distributor of specialized metal accessories, specialty chemicals, and prefabricated forming systems used in concrete construction and masonry construction.

    Decoin Pty Limited Responsible for the manufacture and world wide distribution of CORCON Formwork, ECO-VILLA and PERGOLAS.

    Dee Concrete Accessories Co. Makes steel forms for curb gutter and flatwork projects. Also makes steel nail stakes.

    Direct Steel of Minnesota, Inc. Offering Footlock bracing system for poured or block wall foundations.

    Doka Manufacturer of concrete forming systems with locations worldwide.

    Durand Forms Manufactures heavy duty aluminum forming systems for cast-in-place concrete wall construction.

    Eco-Block LLC. Provides information on insulated concrete forms (ICFs) used in building systems for home construction. Includes photos and product bulletins.

    EFCO Manufacturer of concrete formwork used for both vertical and horizontal forming applications.

    Ellis Manufacturing Co. Inc. Manufactures concrete shoring equipment and other forming accessories.

    Fastfoot Industries Ltd. Manufacturer of fabric forming footing systems.

    Fitzgerald Formliners Manufacturer of formliners for tilt-up, cast-in-place, and pre-cast concrete.

    Fitzgerald Formliners Manufactures pre-cast molds, tilt-up formliners, and contractor concrete molds.

    Form Tech Concrete Forms Inc. Designs and sells concrete forming systems and equipment. Includes list of offices in midwestern US.

    Formwork Exchange, Ltd. Offers forming, shoring and scaffolding equipment for the concrete construction industry.

    Gamco Inc. Produces concrete formwork and accessories for walls, columns, bridge decks, and parking garages.

    Gates & Sons Manufactures wood and metal concrete forms for residential and heavy industrial construction.

    Gateway Industries Manufactures aluminum extruded beam products for concrete forming and shoring.

    Graham Polysteel Distributors and consultants for insulated concrete forms and construction systems that serve North Alabama and Southern Tennessee.

    Hartman Equipment Inc. Designer and manufacturer of aluminum concrete form systems used for pouring foundation walls, basements and other concrete structures.

    Hi-Lite Systems Inc. A construction engineering firm and manufacturer of aluminum and concrete support systems.

    Holdfast Technologies LLC. Distributes insulating concrete forms and supplies for residential and commercial construction. Supplies most midwestern states from Medway, Ohio.

    Hunter Pod Supplies Australian manufacturer of waffle slab accessories, polystyrene Waffle Pods and reinforcing for the building industry. Also has a concrete division for installation and pouring into finished shape.

    Hydrotex Synthetics, Inc. Offering fabric forms, which, when filled with concrete, prevent erosion or build protective structures.

    Ice Block Insulating Concrete Forms Description of the system and structural procedures manual information.

    Infinity Trench Drain Systems Plastic trench drain forming systems.

    Integrated Building Products Distributor of concrete forms and related accessories. Service area Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.

    KHK Scaffolding and Formwork Ltd. Manufactures scaffolding, formworks, shoring, and props and struts.

    Metal Forms Manufactures forms, screeds, and stakes.

    Mid-State Filigree Systems Uses the Filigree Wideslab Method of constructing monolithic concrete decks.

    Moladi Construction System Produces a re-useable plastic formwork system for the construction of low cost.

    National Steel Plate Rental Offers plates and safety trench boxes for road construction and shoring.

    Northwest Accessories Manufactures the Rebar Buddy plastic clips for concrete form.

    Nudura Integrated Building Technology Produces an insulated concrete form (ICF) system. Based in Ontario.

    Octaform Manufactures a stay-in-place concrete forming system for the construction of energy efficient buildings.

    Omni Block Offers superior insulating capabilities while providing a building material that helps buildings to be durable, quiet, safe, environmentally friendly, and cost effective.

    Omnidec Supplier and manufacturer of pre-cast permanent formwork including Omnia Bridge Deck and Omnia.

    Patent Construction Systems Manufactures and supplies modular concrete forming, shoring and scaffolding.

    PERI GmbH Suppliers of concrete formwork including wall, slab and column, platform and scaffolding systems, and slab girders.

    Phil-Insul Corp. Produces the Integraspec performing insulating concrete form wallsystem. Includes manual, specifications, and list of projects.

    Polyfinance SA Offers a formwork concrete construction system for building with reinforced concrete.

    Precise Forms Manufactures aluminum concrete forming systems for precast and poured-in-place concrete applications.

    Quad-Lock Building Systems Provides a flat panel and tie insulated concrete forming system using expanded polystyrene panels.

    Reddi-Form Inc. Produces insulated concrete forms (ICFs) used in constructing solid, energy-efficient concrete homes or buildings.

    Reward Walls Systems Produces modular insulating concrete forms for cast-in-place concrete walls and corners.

    Riverside Steel, Inc. Providing a complete line of steel forms for the petroleum marketing industry.

    Royal Building Systems Offers a polymer concrete forming technology (CFT) suitable for load-bearing, foundation, and other walls in residential to industrial buildings.

    Safway Steel Products Inc. Scaffold and formwork products. Canada and USA.

    SCI Global Structural Contours Inc. Designs and manufactures concrete formwork, shoring and falsework systems of extruded aluminum. Also offers consulting and field services.

    Scott System, Inc. Manufacturer of form liners for architectural concrete.

    SGB International Global distributor of forming and shoring solutions for projects of any size.

    Shin Hwa Industrial Co. Produces rebar chairs, plastic spacers,and formwork accessories in Korea.

    Sound Footings LLC. Manufactures TubeBase, a plastic square footing form designed for use with all 8" to 18"concrete construction tubes. Includes technical information and specifications.

    Special Formwork Designs and manufactures steel formwork and shuttering for casting of concrete.

    Stakepuller Produces a manually operated tool that removes or pulls stakes, concrete steel pins and tent pins.

    Superform Products Offering insulated concrete forms in a variety of configurations.

    SureVoid Products Manufactures corrugated paper construction forms.

    Symons a Dayton Superior Company Concrete forming solutions and a line of concrete forms and accessories.

    Symons Corporation Produces form liners in four different materials, including SPS plastic, ABS plastic and urethane, that enhance the appearance of concrete walls and columns.

    The Plastiform Company Manufactures a plastic flatwork forming system.

    Tucker's Machine & Steel Service, Inc. Manufacturer of the T-630 concrete transporter, concrete forms for the prestress concrete industry, and heavy haul steerable trailers.

    W R Moulds Ltd Complete range of injection moulded polypropylene waffle and trough moulds.

    Waco Scaffolding & Equipment Company Manufacturer of scaffolding, forming, and shoring equipment and other contractor supplies.

    Wadco Industries, Inc. Manufacturer of steel cast-in-place, and precast concrete forms, shoring systems and construction accessories.

    Western Forms Supplies aluminum forming systems and release agents for concrete construction.

    Wisconsin Thermo-Form Inc. Produces the TF System of insulated forming materials for walls and foundations. Construction manual and list of distributors included.

    Zaidan House Sicome Sal. Manufactures concrete formwork, scaffolding, steel structures, and prefab houses in Lebanon.

    Zego Insulated Concrete Forms Manufactures and distributes ICFs throughout Australia. Includes video.

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