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    Reinforcement and Anchors

    Directory Listings

    APS Supply Co. Manufactures cork, rubber, fiber board and poly foam expansion joints, as well as bearing pads.

    Architectural Precast GRC Provides engineering design, manufacturing, and installation of glassfibre reinforced cement products.

    Avongard Crack Monitor How to measure the movement of cracks in concrete structures.

    Bar-Lock Coupler Systems Manufactures rebar couplers.

    Baumann Research and Development Corp. Designs and produces welded reinforcement grid systems used to reinforce concrete.

    Borg Produces an adjustable joist hanger system for suspended concrete slab formwork and construction.

    Britestyle Plastics Ltd. Manufactures nylon injection moulded fixings and anchors.

    C and T Reinforcing Steel Provides reinforcing steel to the general contractors and developers.

    Capitol Steel Corp. Supplies reinforcing steel bars in the Philippines and Southeast Asia for infrastructure projects, high-rise buildings, and residential houses.

    Carnie Enterprises Offers Carnie's rebar cap system, which protects contractors and employees from impalement caused by exposed rebar.

    Caswick Provides products to manufacturers of precast concrete pipeline systems.

    Coffor Construction System Concrete construction system to build in reinforced concrete.

    Concrete Fastening Systems American made concrete construction materials.

    Concrete Protection Products Inc. A fabricator and distributor of fiberglass and carbon reinforced composite rebar used in concrete structures.

    Concrete Reinforcing Products Distributors of concrete reinforcing steel bars.

    Damco Fabricating and supplying welded dowel assemblies for concrete paving.

    Decon Re-inforcement of column/slab connections in concrete construction.

    Don De Cristo Concrete Accessories Inc. Manufactures concrete forming products, tools, and safety products that are distributed throughout North America.

    Dur-O-Wal, Inc. Products for masonry connection, seismic applications and products for moisture control.

    Dynahurst Supplier of concrete reinforcement and accessories to the construction industry.

    Dywidag-systems International Supply of prestressing steel, anchorages and equipment.

    Elasto Plastic Concrete Pty. Ltd. Produces plastic fiber for use in high strength concrete.

    Fibraflex Includes information on production and application of the metallic fiber.

    Fibrecorp Industries An Australian manufacturer of steel slit sheet and wire fibres used for reinforcing concrete.

    Fibrwrap Construction Inc. Produces structural composites.

    Greenstreak, Inc. Offers concrete construction products.

    Hallet Wire Products Produces wire and wire-welded fabric for concrete reinforcement applications including floors, walls, ceilings, columns and other structural members.

    Heckmann Building Products Inc. Quality masonry anchors and ties for the construction industry.

    Hohmann and Barnard Inc. Flashing, anchors and reinforcement products.

    Hy-Ten Group Exclusive UK supplier of Bamtec concrete slab reinforcement and distributor of industrial welded mesh, security fencing, gabions and land reinforcement and concrete reinforcement.

    JV-Industries, Inc, Manufactures sconcrete embedded inserts, beam sleeves, tub boxes and calcium pipe shields. Products are custom made to order.

    Kelken Construction Systems If you would like more information on our anchoring systems, please use this contact form.

    Masonry Reinforcing Corporation of America Products too numerous to mention, but strong on anchors of all types.

    Mortex Manufacturing Inc. Produces concrete toppings for repair and crack control, drain accessories, application tools and cantilever forms.

    New River Trading Company Offers polyflex reinforcement fibers for concrete to contractors and ready mix producers.

    Nycon, Inc Manufacturer of high-strength, industrial-grade fibers specifically engineered for secondary reinforcement of concrete for use on slab-on-grade, flatwork, precast, Shotcrete and Gunite construction.

    Nycon, Inc. Provides nylon fibers for reinforcement.

    Protektol Anticorrosives Provides anticorrosive treatment and coatings for steel reinforcement rods used in concrete constructions. Based in India.

    Radmix Steel Fibres Specializes in providing turnkey solutions for the manufacturing of steel fibres used in concrete construction.

    RBSC Reinforcement Bar Spacer Co Manufacturers of concrete, steel, plastic, mesh and PODFIX spacers.

    Skew Consultancy Consultancy service and machinery supplier for concrete reinforcement using rebar, mesh, prefabrication and steel fixing. Contractor supplies and materials.

    Specialty Construction Products Supplier of concrete related accessories to the construction industry.

    SteelBlock, Inc. Manufacturing and installation of plate steel blocks that lend strength, durability, function and contemporary design to the augmentation of concrete block construction.

    Stelax Industries, Ltd. Stainless steel alternative for rebar and grid flooring.

    Studrail Headed Reinforcing Reinforcing applications using Studrail technology.

    Suncoast Post Tension Provides information, studies and materials for post tension concrete reinforcement systems.

    Synthetic Industries, Inc Manufacturer of steel fibers for reinforcing concrete. Supplies a variety of concrete reinforcing solutions for projects throughout the world.

    The Mortar Net Mortar Net and Weep Vent were invented by a masonry restoration contractor to address an all to common problem- unmanaged moisture migration.

    The Reinforced Earth Company Develops and markets pre-engineered construction systems for use in transportation and other civil engineering applications.

    Threaded Rod Company Inc. Manufacturer of threaded rod, couplers, flats, angles, keystock, and foundation anchor bolts.

    Tri-States Rebar, Inc. Suppliers and installers serving WA, OR, ID, MT.

    Turnipseed Lumber Construction supply specializing in anchor bolts

    UCAN Specializing in anchors and fasteners for the construction industry.

    Unitex Offering chemicals for concrete construction, including structural epoxies, anchoring gels, bonding agents, sealers, hardeners, cure and seal compounds, form releases.

    Veda France Manufactures products for the building industry including cover strips, structural joints, walls, profiles, and concrete flooring accessories.

    Vorpa Srl. Specializes in designing and producting anchor and fixing elements.

    Williams Form Engineering Corp. Concrete forming hardware and accessories.

    Woodbury Cement Products Retail sales of masonry building materials, concrete, interlocking concrete pavers, retaining walls, cultured stone, diamond blades, repair epoxies, contractors equipment and landscaping materials.

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