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    Elevators and Escalators
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    Lifton Home Elevators
    Lifton Home Elevators is a luxury residential elevator company, based in the USA.

    Address: Stiltz, Inc, 57 South Commerce Way, Unit 300, Bethlehem, PA 18017
    Phone: (610) 419-3200 | 833) 784-5891

    National Elevator Consultants, Inc Offers pre-engineering calculation, audit, design criteria, specification, project management, and feasibility services. Includes profile, services, staff, and clients.

    ECS Corporation Manufacturer of escalator replacement parts, maintenance tools, and safety products.

    A.P.T. Parking Technologies Supplying the Westfalia Automated Parking System to real estate developer and municipalities throughout North America.

    Access Industries, Inc. Manufacturer of stairway and platform lifts, as well as commercial and residential elevators.

    Access Lifts Supplies, installs, repairs, and services service elevators, dumbwaiters, and stair lifts. Contains product information and industries served.

    Adams Elevator A manufacturer of elevator and escalator parts, fixtures, and safety equipment. Includes products, tools, services, jobs, and company information.

    Alberto Sassi SpA Manufacturer of traction geared machines, motors, transmission units, and electronic equipment for elevators and lifts.

    Alimak Elevator Company Manufactures elevators for use in construction, mining, and industry. Describes products and applications.

    Alphasoft Pty Ltd Offers elevator displays, monitoring systems, and controllers. Features products and Screen Edit software for download.

    AMCO Elevators, Inc. Installs, services, repairs, and modernizes residential and commercial elevators. Contains company information, services, products, and references.

    American Crescent Elevator Mfg., Corp. Manufacturer for commercial, freight, and residential hydraulic elevators. Contains product information, brochures, and distributors.

    AutoPark Systems Offers automated parking systems. Includes profile, product description, applications, and contacts.

    Brice-Southern, Inc. Builds custom elevator cabs and entrances. Also offers restoration packages for both freight and passenger elevators.

    Britton Price Limited Designs, installs, and maintains elevators. Contains profile, products, services, projects, safety information, and technical specifications.

    Buy-VT Includes elevator and escalator procurement, and information on regulations, building work, and traffic assessment.

    Cairo Elevators Egyptian manufacturer and exporter of elevators and elevator parts such as doors, buttons, and switches. Content available in English and Arabic.

    Carrellificio Vicentino Srl. Produce and install passenger and freight elevators, dumbwaiters, lifting platforms, stackers, and pallet transporters. Includes products, news, company information, and services, such as engineering, sales, and spare parts.

    Ceam SRL Manufactures, repairs, and maintains elevators, escalators, and people movers. Contains company history, product descriptions, including technical drawings, and news.

    CEC Elevator Cab Corp. Manufactures, maintains, and repairs elevator cabs and fittings. Includes information on projects, designs, and services.

    Cemco Lift Manufactures and supplies elevators, escalators, and associated parts. Includes company and product information.

    Columbia Elevator Columbia Elevator Products Co., Inc. manufactures cabs and fittings. Columbia Elevator Company, Inc. provides parts, maintenance, and repair for elevators and escalators.

    Custom Cab Industries Manufactures and installs custom elevator cabs such as observation, wrought iron, wood interior, and freight cabs, and entrances.

    D.T.M. Inc. Services include system design, traffic analysis, preparation of contracts, inspections, and modernization reviews. Contains profile, projects, services, client list, and staff.

    Dunbar and Boardman Offers design, maintenance, management and expert witness services to the elevator and escalator industries. Contains services, disciplines, projects, and news.

    E.A. Foulds Limited Offers elevator manufacture, maintenance, and refurbishment. Contains a description of products and services.

    Elevator Cab Renovations Designs, manufactures, and installs custom elevator interiors. Lists passenger and freight elevator products, with description of fabrication facilities.

    Elevator Concepts Ltd. Designs and manufactures standard and custom elevators and dumbwaiters for the barrier-free access and residential markets.

    Elevator Equipment Corporation Manufacturer of hydraulic and electronic components as well as complete packages.

    Elevator Systems Professionals Offers elevator design, project management, contract, evaluation, commissioning, due diligence and accident investigation. Contains FAQs and articles.

    Elevatorbob Enterprises Contains downloads of elevator and escalator parameter calculators.

    Eskay Elevators Ltd. Contains products, specifications, maintenance information and company profile.

    Everything Elevator Contains news, auctions, jobs, and directories.

    Guangzhou Elevator Industry Co. Manufactures elevators, escalators, and moving walkways. Includes product information, applications, support, and research.

    Guangzhou Renmin Machinery Factory Manufacturer of passenger and goods elevators, and escalators. Includes profile and product description.

    Guardian Elevator Services Pty Ltd Lists services, including project assessments, legal reporting, audits, performance diagnosis, maintenance contacting, and modernization consultancy.

    Hill Hiker Inc. Manufacturer of an inclined passenger elevator for outdoor use. Contains product specifications, features, and installation process.

    Jackson Lift Group Offers maintenance, repair, upgrading, and installation of elevators, escalators, and cradles. Contains staff, services, documentation, Health and Safety guides, and jobs.

    Jappsen Stangier Consulting engineers specializing in elevators, escalators, and other conveying systems in office buildings.

    JSG Elevator Consultants, LLC Contains information on services, including architectural assistance, design, modernization, and maintenance management.

    Kinetic Elevators Ltd. Products include elevators, escalators, parking-systems, and moving walks.

    Lerch, Bates & Associates Inc. Contains corporate profile, history, locations, jobs, and subsidiary companies, with details of services offered.

    Lift and Escalator Industry Association United Kingdom trade association, including members, distance learning courses, and National Vocational Qualification information.

    M.F. Certus Ltd Offers design, sale, service, maintenance, and modernization of elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and platform lifts. Includes products, services, and technical drawings.

    Matot Inc. Manufactures residential elevators and dumbwaiters. Contains products, customer service, and a list of distributors.

    Mitsubishi Electric Manufacturers and suppliers of elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and accessories.

    National Association of Elevator Contractors Includes resources such as technical bulletins, a business directory, events, and training.

    National Association of Elevator Safety Authority International Provides training and certification of elevator inspectors, and promotes standardization of safety codes. Includes news, training programs, and certification information.

    National Elevator Industry, Inc. Trade association, including news, members, and safety and labor documents.

    Nationwide Elevator Consultants Offers elevator and escalator design, modernization, maintenance management, engineering evaluation, specification, and traffic studies.

    Nissei Build Manufacturer of automated car parking elevators and associated systems. Includes company information, products, and FAQ.

    Otis Elevator Company Manufactures, sells, and installs elevators.

    Pickerings Lifts Europe Manufactures, installs, and maintains passenger and industrial lifts.

    Residential Elevators Manufactures and sells home elevator and home lift products for increased accessibilty.

    Ronald J. Farley and Associates Offers engineering evaluation and specification, traffic studies, and bid review. Contains company information and recent projects.

    Safety Lift Group Set of partner companies providing elevators, parts, and associated services. Contains company information and members.

    Schindler Group Manufactures, maintains, and modernizes elevators, escalators, and moving walkways

    Sec Electronics Manufactures control systems and LED displays for elevators. Features products and distributors.

    Serge Elevators Manufactures, installs, and repairs all types of passenger, service, and freight elevators.

    Skyline Elevators Ltd. Offer lift maintenance, installation, modernization, and emergency repair. Lists services.

    Soberman Engineering Services include design, traffic analysis, contractual documentation, and modernization reviews. Contains profile, services, staff, and projects.

    Southern Elevator & Electric Supply - SEES Inc Manufacturer and distributor of elevator and escalator replacement parts and supplies. Contains profile, services, products, news, and order tracking.

    Stanley Elevator Inc. Manufactures elevator cabs, controls, starters, and safety equipment, and installs and services elevators, escalators, and dumbwaiters.

    Stannah Group Manufactures and services passenger and freight elevators, and dumbwaiters. Describes products, applications, technical information, services, and news.

    Sterling Elevator Consultants, LLC. Describes services, including field surveys, system layouts, inspections, preparation of specifications, and assessments, profile, elevator history, and disability and safety technical papers.

    The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation Contains education guides and programs, and safety information.

    The Museum for the Preservation of Elevating History Virtual museum, including inventors, technological development, time-line, and human interest.

    Thomas & Muller Systems Designs, engineers, and fabricates custom mechanical bulk materials handling and conveying equipment.

    Thyssen Dover Elevator Manufactures elevators and escalors.

    Top Floor Roller Company Manufacturer of polyurethane rollers for use in elevators and esclators. Features product catalog.

    Trio Elevators Pvt. Ltd. Manufactures, modernizes, and services elevators. Contains products, services, and parts.

    Unique Elevator Interiors, Inc. Designs, manufactures, and installs finishes for use in elevator interiors, entrance frames, and doors. Includes details of materials and projects.

    Velis Associates Designs, remodels, repairs, and manufactures elevator cabs, entrances, and associated parts. Contains products and services.

    Vertical Analysis LLC Manufactures escalator and moving walkway safety equipment. Includes products, safety statistics, and news.

    Waycon Manufacturers of pre-cast concrete lift shafts which enable off-site construction. Contains news, recent projects, and product dimensions.

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