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    Switching and Protection

    Directory Listings

    American Circuit Breaker and Switchgear Company (ACBS) Ofers air circuit breakers and switchgear including name-brands as well as parts and repair services.

    Apple International Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturers and exporters of ferrous and non-ferrous electrical accessories, earthing equipments and lightening protection systems.

    Breaker Hunters, Inc Provides electrical products for the Commercial, Industrial and Mining Markets. Check our Prices First.

    Carolina Products, Inc. Manufacturer of unitized electrical switchgear and controls for retail, commercial and industrial applications.

    Central Electric Company Design, manufacture, and distribution of PowerAisle switchgear.

    Circuit Breaker Sales Co., Inc. Buys and sells circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear, loadbreak switches, fuses, relays, motor controls. Complete manufacturing, rebuilding, retrofiting and testing capabilities.

    Clipsal Singapore Manufactures switches and electrical wiring products.

    Concord Automation & Controls Deals in motor protection relays, time delay relays, and panel mount indicators.

    Craig & Derricott Designer and manufacturer of electrical control gear and solutions to several industries including rail, ship building, automotive, and utilities.

    Cutler-Hammer Supplier of electrical control products and power distribution equipment.

    Dairyland Electrical Industries, Inc. Manufacturer of solid-state DC isolation/AC grounding equipment for cathodically protected structures.

    Energy Systems Services, Ltd. Resellers of breakers, switchgear, and many other parts.

    Evolis Merlin Gerin Manufacturer of electrical components for protection of distribution networks, including medium voltage switchgears, vacuum circuit breakers, and surge arresters.

    Fuse One Sells fuses for circuit protection with application ranging from large buildings to small equipment.

    Heinemann Electric Canada Co., Ltd. Assembling and customizing circuit breakers for naval and computer system applications.

    Industrial Control & Supply Distributing control and distribution equipment.

    INTE Industrial Manufactures low-voltage equipment including mini circuit breakers, overload protectors, and isolators.

    IQS: Electric Switches Directory of manufacturers and suppliers of rocker, toggle, rotary, miniature, snap action electric switches, and more.

    Kl๖ckner-Moeller GmbH Products include switchgear, control curcuit devices, relays, curcuit breakers, transformers and chokes.

    Logstrup Supplier of switchgear and controlgear systems worldwide.

    MEM Circuit Protection & Control Manufactures and distributes circuit breakers, switchgear, and motor control equipment.

    National Manufacturing & Distribution, Inc. Manufacturing and rebuilding of electrical contacts and component assemblies for high or low voltage equipment.

    National Power Equipment, Inc. Supplying new and used circuit breakers, switchgear, and parts to the electrical service industry.

    Norberg IES Manufactures and distributes UL class, European, and high voltage fuses and custom electrical controls.

    North American Switchgear, Inc. Buys and sells new and used circuit breakers, switchgear, transformers, relays, controls, and more. Offers remanufacture and retrofitting services.

    Pacific Coast Breaker Wholesale supplier of circuit breakers.

    Parc Systems Offers testing, commissioning, and training courses in protective relay.

    Point Eight Power Inc. Manufactures custom switchgear.

    Powell Electrical Manufacturing Company Powell Electrical Manufacturing Company brings with it a "can-do" attitude that is reflected in every stage of the order, from design through delivery.

    Powell Industries Manufacturer of equipment and systems for the distribution, control, generation, and management of electric energy.

    Quality Switchgear Buys, sells, and rents new and used circuit breakers.

    Romac Supply Company Offers new and used electrical equipment including circuit breakers, controls, motors, transformers, switchgear and components.

    S&C Electric Company Specializing in electric power switching and protection.

    Sepam Products Schneider Electric Offers a range of digital protection relays designed to protect machines and electrical distribution networks for commercial, industrial, and utility substations.

    Sierra Circuit Breaker Offers new, rebuilt, and obsolete circuit breakers for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

    Stanley SwitchGears Manufactures switches, bus bar chambers, fuse boards, and agricultural pumps.

    Strom Maker of substation, power, and vacuum interrupters, autopneumatic switches, disconnect type fuses and power circuit breakers.

    Switches Plus Offers industrial and commercial rated switches and power supplies, pilot lights, indicator lamps, joysticks, counters, pushbuttons, keypads, knob, lever, rotary selectors, swisstac, en418.

    Switchgear Unlimited, Inc. Distributors, rebuilders and remanufacturers of circuit breakers, cubicles, protective relays, transformers, switches and fuses.

    Tadit Controls Manufactures electrical control panels.

    Ultrapower Technology, Inc. Supplier and manufacturer of electronic components and power supply assemblies.

    Wenzhou Yikun Electric Specializes in high-voltage products including zinc oxide lightning arresters, drop-out fuses, and composite insulators for railways, power companies, and industrial use.

    Wujin Zhenhui Electronics Manufactures fuses, fuseholders, fuse tubes, circuit breakers, and switches.

    Yukon Corporation Buys and sells circuit breakers, enclosures, and motor controls, including manual starters and switches, definite purpose contactors, and disconnect switches.

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