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    Failure Analysis

    Directory Listings

    Bess Testlab, Inc. Provides material and metallurgical failure analysis, welder certification, GPR (rebar, cable location), corrosion, physical and chemical analysis, and non-destructive inspection.

    Bolt Science Specialists in solving problems related to all aspects of the design and installation of bolted joints and of threaded fasteners in general.

    BTI Consultants Failure analysis of product design/heavy equipment, accident reconstruction, safety/human factors engineering.

    Condition Analyzing Corporation Vibration and lube oil analysis; infra-red thermography; customized predictive maintenance for marine and land-based plants.

    CTC Engineering Consultants Services include, materials engineering, failure analysis and testing, industrial and structural design, fluid modeling and simulation, and more.

    Design Research Engineering (DRE) Providing engineering services principally involving the analysis of the performance of products that may become involved in product liability issues.

    Engel Metallurgical, Ltd. Provides failure analysis, serves as expert witness, researches and tests materials and products.

    Flowserve: Condition Data Point Monitoring Provides a vibration, oil, and temperature analysis and trigger point monitoring program to determine the cause of equipment failure.

    FTI Anamet Specializes in metallurgy, corrosion, stress and failure analysis, and fracture mechanics.

    GILLENgineering Provides engineering consulting and expert witness services.

    Haag Engineering Co. Providing engineering consulting services related to failures and damages to civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and chemical systems.

    Industrial Technology Research Predictive maintenance and failure analysis provider with offices in the US, Canada and Australia.

    Metallurgical Consultants Specialize in materials and metallurgical analysis.

    O'Donnell Consulting Engineers Provides engineering, metallurgical, and mechanical testing services related to failures, fires and explosions, and damages to mechanical components and facilities.

    Unified Engineering, Inc Specializes in failure prevention and analysis.

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