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    Surface Technology, Inc.Partner Listing - Since 1988, Surface Technology, Inc. has been providing turn-key installation of industrial flooring, coating and lining systems to the nation's most respected companies.

    Adsil LC Manufactures clear coatings that permanently bond to concrete, tile, roofs, HVAC/R components, and other building surfaces.

    Alvis Coatings Inc. Manufacture a spray on resin based polymer siding exterior coating, and a scrubbable anti-microbial liquid interior coating. Includes before and after examples.

    Aquatic Technologies, Inc. Supply a chemical resistant protective coating for pool surfaces and other aquatic features such as fountains, spas and ponds.

    Barrier Coatings Ltd. Distribute a range of maintenance products including water based concrete sealers, moisture cured urethanes, and water based acrylic waterproofing systems.

    Cathay Coating Manufacture co.Ltd. Manufacture architectural and epoxy floor coatings, polyurethane waterproofings, and synthetic sports surface materials.

    CHIC Liquid Vinyl Industries Ltd. Manufacture and install a thick liquid applied coating system designed to provide long term protection to stucco and masonry. Includes gallery of completed projects.

    Chips Unlimited Inc. Manufacturer of colored flakes and chips for seamless flooring and a spray-applied interior glitter textured coating.

    Coatech Ltd. Supply and apply a range of resin based finishes for floors and walls. Products include seamless hygienic wall coatings and flooring and anti slip safety finishes.

    Coatings International, Inc. Distributors of elastomeric architectural coatings, waterproofing sealants, wood and masonary stains, and roof protection products.

    Dur-A-Shield International, Inc. Distributes coatings that form a tough polymer shield which protects against biological growth. Applications include roofs, brick, concrete and siding.

    Durashield of Ohio Supply a polymer based sealant and restoration product used on concrete, siding, and masonary products to prevent fugus, mildew, and mold.

    Duro Shine Manufacture polyurethane and acrylic sealers for concrete, tile and other porous surfaces. Includes an application guide.

    Envirosafe Manufacturing Corp. Manufacture and supply environmentally safe products for the cleaning and sealing of concrete and masonry surfaces.

    ETS Co. Inc. Provide biodegradable liquid graffiti removal products for painted and smooth surfaces and masonry. Includes distributor locations.

    Gemini Coatings Manufacture solvent and waterborne coatings for both interior and exterior applications. Products include wood stains and varnishes, and laquers for industrial applications.

    Geo Enviro Group Manufacturers of environmentally friendly, water neutralized and biodegradeable graffiti removers and coatings. Includes material and safety data sheets, and example projects.

    Graffiti Master Manufacturer of graffiti removal chemicals and graffiti protection coatings.

    Harvester Inc. Manufacturer of polyurethanes for hardwood floors and supplier of related products for installing, sanding, finishing and maintenance. Includes online buying facilities.

    Hawk Research Laboratories, Inc. Manufacturer of bathtub, tile and kitchen refinishing coatings. Products include acrylic urethanes and adhesive epoxies.

    Kilwaughter Chemical Company Limited Develop and manufacture dry bagged exterior renders available in a range of colors. Includes product gallery, specifications, and instruction sheets.

    Northern Industries Inc. Manufacture a range of coatings and sealers for waterproofing, seamless flooring and wall and floor protection.

    Resiblock Group Offer solvent free paving sealers for driveways, airports, ports, and service stations. Includes a range of product and technical documentation.

    Resin Surfaces Limited Manufacturers of epoxy and polyurethane resin based wall and floor coatings, self-levelling and trowel applied screeds, sealers, and primers .

    Roof-A-Cide Inc. Supply a proprietary coating of cleaning agents and algae preventatives for concrete, tile, and asphalt shingle roof surfaces.

    Safe Encasement Systems Manufacture protective coating systems for the encasement of asbestos or lead-based painted surfaces, mold and mildew problems and corrosion control of metal surfaces.

    Silikal Resin Systems Manufacturer and supplier of quick cure methyl methacrylate based resin technologies for floors, concrete protection or restoration, solid surfacing materials, road marking resins, and tooling compounds.

    Sky Techniqa Ltd. Wholesale suppliers of non-stick, protective, anti-microbial and chemically resistant coatings. Also supply stone and masonry cleaners.

    StonCor Africa Manufacture a range of coatings, sealants, and waterproofing products. Includes product catalogs in pdf format.

    Structural Elastomeric Products, Inc. Manufacture elastomeric roof, wall, and deck coatings and stucco repair and finishing products. Includes price list, application guides, and distributor listings.

    Stuc-O-Flex International, Inc. Supplier of elastomeric acrylic finishes for exterior walls

    Tensid UK plc Offer a range of products for graffiti removal and anti-graffiti protection. Features a range of information on products, applications, and training.

    TK Coatings, LLC Manufacture waterproof oil-based coatings and patching systems for the protection of buildings. Includes specification sheets, application guides, and material data safety sheets.

    Visual Pollution Technologies A company involved in the battle against graffiti by manufacturing anti-graffiti coatings and graffiti removers.

    Wethertex UK Produce and apply a resin based textured exterior building coating. Includes application data and before and afer photographs.

    WH Screeton Associates Ltd. Manufacture solar reflective coatings, asphalt surface protection systems, and seamless spray waterproofing.

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