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    Wall Paint
    Gomix Building Materials (Guangzhou) Co., Limited is one of the China’s leading manufacturers of tile adhesives, tile grouts, textured coatings, emulsion paints,asian paints, EIFS and waterproofing materials. At the forefront of polymer technology, Gomix products are widely specified in sports, leisure, social housing and health care facilities, where their performance characteristics deliver real benefits in both new build and renovation applications.

    Phone: 086 1866 5196 899

    Nutshell Natural Paints Manufacture a range of paints and coatings for home use using natural raw materials and traditional recipes. Includes color selector and decorating ideas and recipes.

    Artistic Alternatives Specializing in stylish faux finishes, custom designed murals and trompe l'oeil artwork, Venetian plasters and European stencil designs.

    Viktoria K. Majestic Art Studio LLC Services include: faux finishes wall, marbleizing, hand painted tile, custom murals, children's room, large paintings, antiquing, oil paintings, hand-painted furniture and accessories.

    21st Century Coatings ( Canada ) Ltd. Manufacturer of high performance fluorinated polyurethane coatings for architectural, automotive, aerospace, industrial and marine industries.

    3H-Lacke - Lackfabrik Hammen GmbH & Co. Manufacturers of a range of products for the European furniture, door and panel industries. Products include waterborne, vacuum-application, and textured coatings.

    Aegeochrom Produce paints for exterior and interior use and enamel for wood and stone. Also produce insulating and watrproof coatings. Includes specifications and painting tips.

    Altex Coatings Ltd. New Zealand owned paints and coatings manufacturer. Product applications include industrial and offshore, marine, and architectural.

    Ascot S.A. Ign. Mitrellou Bros. Manufacture a range of paint, varnish, and laquers. Applications include industrial, architectural, marine, and wood.

    BEHR Process Corporation Manufactures paints, stains and varnishes for home improvement projects.

    Benjamin Moore & Co. Manufacturer of paints, stains, varnishes, and clear finishes for both home and industrial applications. Includes color charts and where to by.

    Bennette Paint Manufacturing Co., Inc. Manufacturer of architectural paints and coatings. Also distributors of Graco and Titan spray equipment and DuPont Industrial Coatings.

    Berger Paints India Limited Manufacturer of decorative paints, automotive coatings, heavy duty protective paints and powder coatings. Features a household guide to paints and painting.

    Bioshield Paint Core product lines include water-based wall finishes, paints and pigments, natural oil-based floor and furniture finishes, waxes, and cleaners.

    Brite Products Manufacture a range of products for rust and corrosion prevention. Includes product data sheets, corrosion costs, and surface preparation data.

    Canada Paints Inc. Supply latex and alkyd oil based paints for interior and exterior use. Also supply insulating wall coatings.

    Canaveral Industries Inc. Manufacture a variety of waterproofing and corrosion control products for the building industry. Products include roof, fire retarding, masonary, and deck coatings.

    Carrs Paints Limited Manufacture surface, industrial, protective and decorative coatings. Includes product select and color guides.

    Catalina Paint Manufacture and distribute paints and supplies for commercial and residential requirements. Offers a full line of interior and exterior paint, stains, and finishes.

    Confederate Chemicals Ltd. Manufacturers of specialist industrial paint and coatings strippers which are methylene chloride free and suitable for use on alloys and aluminium.

    Coo-var Ltd. Manufacture specialist paints, primers and coatings for industrial and commercial uses.

    Crawford Products Co., Inc. Manufactures eco friendly premixed, ready-to-use putty and vinyl patching compounds for the paint and decorating industry.

    Davis Paint Company Manufacture paints and coatings for the homeowner, contractor, architect and industrial user.

    DG Protective Coatings Manufacture rust stabilising primers for structural and industrial applications. Also manufacture coatings and treatments for industrial concrete floors.

    Donald Kaufman Color Collection Manufacturer of custom designed architectural paint colors with complex formulations producing luminous interior atmospheres.

    Dulux Trade Manufacture decorative coatings. Comprehensive guide providing a range of help topics for the trade professional including painting, decorating and colour scheming.

    Dupont SmartPaint Manufacture a range of house paint products. Features store locator, colour charts, paint estimator, design help, and glossary. Includes online purchasing facilities.

    Durobond Paints Manufacture water and solvent based paints and membranes, and industrial and chemical resistant coatings. Includes downloadable catalog.

    Dutch Boy Manufacture a range of household paints for interior and exterior applications.

    Eco Solutions Limited Manufacture water-based, solvent-free paint stripper and coating removal products.

    Emerald Paint & Coatings Inc. Manufacturers representatives for a range of architectural paints, stains, and industrial coatings.

    Farrow & Ball Ltd. Manufacturers of decorative paint and traditional wallpaper. Includes a list of stockists and an online buying facility.

    Fuller O'Brien Manufacture interior and exterior household paints. Features tips and techniques, project assistance, product use, and maps and links to retailers.

    General Paint Ltd. Manufacture household interior and exterior paints.

    Guangzhon Shunfan Chemical Industry Company Limited Manufacturer decorative and corrosion resitance fluorocarbon paints. Includes example projects and an introduction to this coating system.

    Helios Energy Products, Inc. Manufacture an interior and exterior energy efficient building coating. Includes test reports, application specifications, and material safety data sheets.

    HoldTight Solutions Inc., Supply flash rust inhibitors and salt removers. Product data sheet, technical bulletins, and test data.

    I C I Dulux Paint International paint manufacturer with stores worldwide. Site offers paint info, tips, and color schemes.

    Information Research Limited Consultancy providing marketing research and analysis services to the global paints and coatings industry.

    Kassa'a Paints Group Manufacture and distrubute a range of architectural, protective, and automotive paints and coatings. Also supply fillers, putties, and other accessories.

    Kelly Moore Paint Retail and wholesale paint manufacturer, with over 130 stores in 9 western states.

    Krikos Paints S.A. Manufacture a range of paints for construction and home use. Also supply industrial and marine coatings. Includes a step by step guide for decorators.

    Laytech S.p.A Produce varnishes for the furniture and the wood industry. Product lines include polyurethane, acrylic, nitre, and waterbourne. Includes application cycle examples.

    LuminOre Incorporated Manufacture cold metal finishes, which can be brushed or sprayed. Applications include coatings for plastic, wood, glass, foam, ceramic and fiberglass.

    M.A. Bruder & Sons, Inc. Manufactures a broad line of architectural, commercial and industrial coatings for the professional and do-it-yourself markets.

    Martin Mathys s.a. Producers of paint and waterproofing products.

    Master Coating Technologies Manufacture waterbased multi-color and special-effect decorative architectural interior paint finishes.

    Mautz Paint Co. Manufacture a range of paints for contractors, architects and do-it-yourselfers.

    Mercury Paint Corporation Manufacture residential, commercial and industrial paints and coatings.

    Messmer's Inc. Manufacturers of finishes and wood care products for decks, siding, log homes, shakes and shingles. Includes data sheets and application tips.

    Mills Paint Manufacture architectural, industrial, and marine paints. Also supply commercial wallcoverings. Includes product data and material safety data sheets, and store locator.

    Multi Square Sdn. Bhd. Produces a number of paint and thinner-based products for various industries. Products include wood, plastic, and metal coating paints.

    Napier Environmental Technologies, Inc. Manufacture coating removal systems and cleaners. Includes product applications and properties.

    New England Industrial Coatings Supply, Inc. Authorized distributor of Valspar wood finishes.

    Nippon Paint Malaysia Manufacture a range of architectural, industrial, automotive, and marine paints and coatings. Features a color creations center, painting guide, and product brochures.

    Oikos s.r.l Italian supplier of solvent free paints for interior and exterior use. The company also provide tinting machinery and training.

    Paint and Coatings .com Daily news and product updates for professionals in the coatings industry. Features a product finder, resource center, events, and associations.

    Paint Magic Manufacture and distribute decorative paints and coatings. Product lines include emulsions, colorwash, textures and plasters, metallics, antique, and natural paints.

    Paintcor Manufacture coating and paint systems for water and damp proofing, primers, sealers, enamels, and acrylic finishes.

    Pintexs Chemical Co. Manufacture architectural coatings including wall, floor, and roof paints, varnishes, sealers, latex and alkyds.

    Pittsburgh Paints Manufactures, distributes and supports multiple paint systems for paint professionals and homeowners. A division of PPG Industries, Inc.

    Plasti-kote Manufacturer and supplier of general purpose spray paints. Product lines include specialty and decorative finishes, automotive, and industrial maintenance coatings.

    Pratt and Lambert Home paint colors for decorating, as well as tips on home remodeling and improvements by architects and designers. Interior and exterior house paints available to browse.

    PT. Kebayoran Warnaprima Produces a wide range of paints and varnishes for a variety of industrial purposes especially wood and rattan finishing.

    Real Paint and Varnish Company Manufacture a range of paints using traditional ingredients and production methods. Product lines include distemper, oil and lead paints, and lime wash.

    Rendona Limited Produce a range of paints and pigments for interior design, gardens and construction. Includes color charts and pricing structure.

    Reno Coatings Inc. Manufacture paint for vinyl and pvc windows, doors, and fencing.

    Resene Paints Limited Manufacture paints, coatings, and stains. Features a range of online tools for specifiers, contractors, and do it yourself.

    Rialto Manufacture a range of architectural paints and coatings for interior and exterior use.

    Rolux Coatings Pty Ltd. Supply range of coatings for timber, metal, stone and decorative applications.

    Rust-Oleum Corporation Manufacture protective paints and coatings for both home and industry. Applications include masonary, wood, and metal protection.

    Rymar Industries Manufacture penetrating and colored wood sealers suited for decks, log homes, wood siding, fences, and docks.

    Sandtex Trade Manufacturer of paints and other products specially formulated to enable repair, preparation, decoration and long lasting protection of masonary substrates.

    Scott Paint Corporation Manufacturer a range of paints and coatings. Products include interior latex, primers and sealers, stains, roof coatings, and traffic paints.

    Setco Chemicals (I) Private Limited Manufacturers of industrial and decorative paints, flexographic and rotogravure printing inks, resins, and laminating adhesives.

    Sheild Coatings Ltd. Produce specialised decorative and protective paints and coatings.

    Shunde Prachtig Coatings Ltd. Manufacture household and industrial coatings.

    SKK(S) Pte Ltd. Manufacturer of building paints and coatings. Offers products for commercial, architectural, and home consumer needs.

    Smith Paint Products Manufacture water based and rubber coatings for concrete, taxidermy, wood carving, banners and swimming pools.

    Star 10 Inc. A non-methalyene chloride paint stripper used in furniture stripping, antique restoration, and grafitti removing.

    Swing Paints Limited Producer of conventional and environmentally safe paint and varnish removers in Canada, including products for the consumer/DIY, the refinishing trade, and industrial use.

    Sydney Harbour Paint Company Manufacture traditional paionts and coatings. Products include lime wash, french wash, oxides and acrylic treatments.

    The Continental Products Company Manufactures custom formulated paint and specialty coatings.

    The Jones Blair Company Produce decorative and protective coatings for metal, wood, concrete and plastics.

    The Thompson's Company Products specifically created for wood protection and concrete care.

    Tikkurila Oy Produce a range of decorative paints and industrial coatings. Also supply colourants and tinting machines. Includes company news and online journal.

    Ultra System Products Manufacturer of waterproof coating, paints, restoration paints and protective coatings for the concrete and masonry industries.

    Valspar Wood Finishes Complete provider of wood coatings, varnishes, finishes for furniture, kitchen cabinet, flooring and distribution.

    Ve.Co S.r.l. Manufacture paints an coatings for the construction and defence industries. Product lines include acrylic lacquers, waterborne polyurethanes, epoxy coatings, cleaners and thinners.

    Virtual Paintstore For residential, commercial and institutional, industrial, and other painting and wallcovering.

    W.D. Lockwood., Inc. Produce a range of dyes and stains for wood available in water, alcohol, or oil soluble powders. Includes pricing, color charts, and usage data.

    Weatherbos Environmentally safe paints, stains, varnishes providing protection, waterproofing and restoration for almost all interior and exterior surfaces.

    Wondercoat Paints ( PTY ) Ltd. Manufacturer a range of decorative and industrial coatings. Color range charts and a listing of stockists.

    Wood Kote Products, Inc. Manufactures interior wood stains and transparent finishes for commercial architectural applications.

    WP Crowhurst Pty Ltd. Manufacture a range of paints for home use. Products include water based interior wash, exterior and solvent based high gloss enamel.

    Zolatone Interior Finishes Manufacture specialty paint finishes for the architectural and design community. Products include multi colored spray applied and polymer finishes, and traditional paints.

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