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    Brick and Pavers

    Directory Listings

    Acme Brick Company Every brick that bears the Acme name is made from premium clay, blended for color, and hard-fired in computer-controlled kilns at temperatures.

    Allan Block Corporation Manufactures retaining wall systems and brick siding.

    Alsey Refractories Company Manufactures medium duty firebrick and mortar for residential fireplaces and high duty firebrick for industrial applications.

    American Brick Company Manufactures the three most reliable thin brick systems currently produced anywhere.

    Anagnostaras Bros S.A. Producers of clay bricks and roofing tiles.

    Arriscraft International Inc. Manufacturers and quarriers of stone, marble, limestone, and brick.

    Arto Brick Manufactures brick and tile from concrete and FRC.

    Austral Brick Company Pty. Ltd. Manufacturers and suppliers of clay bricks, pavers, tiles, and vitrified clay pipes. Mission Tile, Bricks, Pavers ADOBE, Rustic Colorado River Adobe Bricks. WE SHIP ALL USA. Sonoran Concrete Figurines for southwest d้cor.

    Belden Brick Company Manufactures face brick in a variety of colors. Offers customized brick shapes for special design requirements.

    Belgard Offers interlocking concrete pavements for home owners and contractors for driveways, patios, steps, walls, pool-decks, and walkways.

    Boulder Creek Stone and Brick Company Manufactures stone, brick, and tile for commercial and residential use.

    BRIKproducts (Aust.) Pty.Ltd. A variety of lightweight, earthquake resistant brick cladding systems that are easily installed. No need for foundations and available in many different brick colors and surface textures.

    Canada Brick Manufacturer of burned clay brick.

    Carolina Ceramics Works with architects to develop custom-designed brick.

    Castaic Brick and Clay Great Brick begins with great clay. Castaic Brick stands atop one of the world's most generous deposits of top quality brickmaking clay.

    Claybricks & Tiles Manufactures brick, tile, and pavers.

    Cloud Ceramics Manufacturer of architectural and residential brick.

    Dimex Corporation Maker of PVC EdgePro paver restraints, polyethylene lawn edging, ProLock chain-lock tree ties, and control joint products.

    Endicott Clay Products Co. Thin brick, fat brick, shaped bricks and tile.

    Expocrete Concrete Products Manufacturers and distributors of paving blocks, stones, and retaining wall systems. Includes product, installation, and contact information.

    Furnace Ballatore Hand-making bricks from traditional and custom designs.

    Gavin Historical Bricks Offers used bricks and cobblestones for driveways, walkways, floors, patios, and other stone masonry projects.

    General Shale The company's primary focus is the production of more that 250 types of face brick for residential and commercial application.

    General Shale Products Corp. Manufactures face brick in a variety of colors, textures and sizes for residential, commercial and institutional structures.

    Gladding McBean Manufactures hand-sculpted, custom-glazed terra cotta for use in new construction and historical restoration projects.

    Glen-Gery Brick A full line of quality extruded, machine molded, authentic handmade and glazed facebrick in a variety of sizes and custom shapes are readily available to meet your most demanding needs.

    H. C. Muddox Clay bricks and pavers.

    Hanover Architectural Products Manufacturers of concrete unit pavers, wall panels, brick, garden walls, and roof ballast products for architectural, commercial, and residential projects.

    Hanson PLC Supplies bricks, crushed rock, sand, and gravel.

    I-XL Industries Ltd. Manufacturer and distributor of clay brick and masonry supplies.

    Ibstock Hathernware Manufactures architectural terracotta and faience.

    Industrie Laterizi Riunite S.p.A. Brick and roof tile manufacturer.

    Interstate Brick Clay brick, pavers and tiles.

    Interstate Brick Produces brick products ranging from structural brick to face brick and pavers in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colors for commercial and residential applications.

    JC Smale and Co Australian-based firm specialising in the design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of equipment for the heavy clay industry.

    Kirchner Block & Brick Manufacturer and distributor of masonry and landscape products including concrete block, clay brick, and more.

    Master Builders, Inc. Develops concrete masonry units with a water leekage prevention feature that offers protection from moisture damage without the need for exterior applied sealers.

    Nantucket Pavers Manufacturer and supplier of concrete and landscape products, including the Rivenstone Collection, permacon pavers and Crown Hill products.

    NORI Manufactures corrosion and chemical resistant bricks and cements for lining vessels, pits, tanks, floors, and chimneys.

    Novabrik Stackable, mortarless, interlocking brick siding material.

    Oberfield's, Inc. Supplier of building products for retaining walls or precast units for residential hardscape and architectural use.

    Old Carolina Brick Company Makers of handmade brick moulded in the colonial tradition of craftsmanship.

    Pacific Clay Products, Inc. For over a century Pacific Clay has been famous for manufacturing hard, durable, low absorption brick that are virtually maintenance free.

    Pave Tech Inc. Manufacturer of the Pave Edge restraint sysctem.

    Richards Brick Company Manufacturers face brick in many different colors, textures, and sizes.

    Richtex Manufactures face brick and pavers in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes including special shapes for sills, walls, steps, arched entranceways and windows.

    Rinox Manufactures concrete paving bricks, roof slabs, and border blocks for residential and commercial projects.

    Robinson Brick Company Manufactures brick in many colors.

    Saco Brick Company Manufacturers of classic brick and rockwood retaining walls.

    Shaw Brick Shaw Brick comes in eight "lines", each of which provides a number of colour selections.

    Sioux City Brick & Tile Company Offers a diverse line of colored bricks from buff and red clay sources in various sizes for use in residential and commercial buildings.

    Sioux City Brick and Tile A long-time manufacturer of high quality clay brick and a distributor of related masonry products. Sold by over 150 brick distributors nationwide.

    Snap Edge Corporation Injection molded plastic edge restraint for concrete/clay pavers.

    Stark Ceramics Glazed ceramic tiles.

    Summitville Tiles, Inc. Manufacture a range of products such as industrial floor brick, chemical resistant masonry units, thin brick and paving brick.

    The Belden Brick Company Producing many styles of clay bricks.

    TrendSet Concrete Products Distributor of pavers, retaining walls, garden edges and other concrete products.

    York Handmade Brick Co. Ltd. Manufactures and distributes clay bricks, pavers and terracotta floor tiles.

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