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    Fire and Smoke Protection

    Directory Listings

    3M Architecture & Construction Passive and active fire protection systems. Product data sheets, company information.

    Astro Flame UK based manufacturer of intumescent passive fire protection products. Product descriptions, installation guides, and company contacts.

    BWI Distribution, Inc. Distributor of firestopping products, environmental remediation materials and personnel protection equipment.

    Cafco Fire Protection Fire protection sprays and paints for the construction, hydrocarbon and tunnelling industries. Technical data sheets and company contacts. Available in Europe.

    Carbone Plus Designer and manufacturer of removable insulation covers and removable fire protection covers. Includes a QuickTime presentation of products.

    Contego International Manufacture intumescent latex paint for residential and commercial buildings promoting fire safety. includes material data sheets and dealer locator.

    Fire Protective Gel Coating Protective gel prevents almost any item from catching fire, including buildings at risk from wildfire. Technical specifications, distributor directory, news clippings.

    FireComp High temperature, fire resistant insulation that can be sprayed, trowelled, casted, or hand formed. Product and company descriptions.

    FireNoMore International Fire and flame retardant coatings, finishes, polymers, additives and modifiers. Product descriptions, FAQs, and company address.

    Firetherm Limited Manufacturer of intumescent coatings for structural steel, fire stopping and passive fire protection products. Descriptions of products and services, guidance for the on-site measurement of intumescent coatings. United Kingdom.

    HIFI High Fire Performance Wood Products European consortium of manufacturers, providing research and information on FR chemicals, fire performance, durability, environmental aspects, regulations and markets. UK manufacturer of passive intumescent fire stopping products. Product and safety data.

    National Fireproofing Company Suppliers of fireproofing materials, caulks and fire retardent chemicals. Product data, specifications, glossary.

    NoFire Technologies Fire retardant products and system solutions for protection against high temperature, fire, and heat. Product catalogue, test and technical data, and distributor listing.

    PAG Industries Distributor of fire protection products including firestopping, fireproofing, fire blocking, draftstopping, smoke blocking, smoke seal and sound blocking. Company contacts.

    PYROLOGISTIX Canadian manufacturer of liquid safe fire retardants and barriers. Products, features, costs of Canadian fires.

    STI - Specified Technologies Inc. Intumescent firestopping products. Technical library includes product information, system drawings, certificates of conformance and builder submittals. Firestop FAQs.

    Universal Fire-Shield Manufacturer and producer of environmental non-toxic fire proofing agents, fire shield chemicals and fire retardant coatings and penetrant. Product specifications, jazz audio selections.

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